Global exclusive license agreement signed with Evonik

Starting from now ITVP will produce a range of homo-polymers (PGA), co-polymers (PGLA) and block co-polymers (PGA-CL and PGA-TMC) for Evonik exclusively. These glycolide-based polymers will be offered by Evonik as RESOMER G, RESOMER GL, RESOMER GC and RESOMER GT and will close the gap in the RESOMER portfolio for polymers with a short degradation time below 2 months. They are offered in colorless or violet  and are especially tailored for the production of monofilaments and multifilaments as well as other ways of processing as 3D-printing, injection molding, non-woven technologies etc., thus giving wide opportunities for the production of yarns, sutures, meshes, tapes, foils, membranes, scaffolds and vascular closure devices.

In addition to pure polymer synthesis, ITVP and Evonik also offer cooperation in the area of polymer processing in development and scale-up of textile-based products.

By leveraging the polymer design and synthesis competencies and application knowhow of both ITVP and Evonik, this cooperation will provide medical device companies with a superior selection of functional biomaterials to enhance the quality and performance of their textile-based implantable medical devices.


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