Absorbable monofilaments (medical grade)

In the foreground, 3 monofilaments of different sizes run through the image. The outer two filaments are undyed, the monofilament in the middle is violet. A violet spool can be seen out of focus in the background.
PCL and PDO monofilament, different USP sizes

Our absorbable monofilaments are suitable for use as surgical sutures, for 3D printing, for the production of surgical meshes as well as for braided stent structures.

Our product catalogue includes:

  • mid-term absorbable PDO monofilaments with an outstanding degradation profile in strengths USP 6-0 to USP 2
  • high-strength, long-term absorbable PCL monofilaments in USP 6-0 to USP 2
  • high-precision monofilaments with diameter 1.75 mm for 3D printing made of PDO and PCL. Other polymer types are available on request.
  • Polylactide-based monofilaments
  • amorphous LDL7030 monofilaments for bone splinter fixation and for fixation of carrier materials