We invite you: Come to us with your ideas, whether you are interested in contract-based industrial research or in application and implementation of publicly sponsored projects.

Your advantage: You will receive all services from one source, from the possible synthesis of resorbable polymers to their processing, and to the textile end structure of the product. Our accredited testing laboratories can carry out a variety of tests required as part of the development process. This saves time and cost and increases efficiency. The development of medical products is certified according to ISO 13485 and is done under clean room conditions.

Our consulting service: We support you in building a quality management system, in regulatory questions, and in the regulatory-compliant documentation of your products. You will profit from our years of experience with worldwide patent registrations and cooperation with renowned patent attorneys. We will support you in pushing through your patent claims and protecting the developed product from your competitors.

Emphases in Research and Development
meniskus implant

For industrial contract research, we offer you all services and competencies that you find under the menu item “Technology.” These are supplemented by the broad testing spectrum of our accredited testing laboratories.

Besides industrial contract research, we are active in public research projects, with topics including the following:

  • Nerve regeneration: Absorbable capillary membrane from a special polymer that only releases little acid during degradation. Stimulus through guiding structures and growth factors.
  • Absorbable vascular closure after puncture: Micro-injection-moulded implant with innovative design and simplified handling.
  • Anulus closure after disc prolapse
  • Meniscus: Regenerative approach
  • Stent grafts