Cleaning medical devices

two screw-top glasses are in the water bath with the sample to be cleaned for ultrasonic cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning

During the manufacture of medical devices, particulate and/or chemical residues from the manufacturing process can remain or arise on their surfaces. These include, for example, residues on textiles, lubricants, particles and dusts, but also biological contaminations.

In order to be able to guarantee a safe end product, we carry out a product-based risk analysis together with you. Based on this, we develop a cleaning process for your product whose cleaning medium and washing mechanics are adapted to the contamination and the material, e.g. through the use of ultrasound. Continuous and discontinuous cleaning processes are available. Proof of the cleaning performance (particulate, microbiological and chemical purity) is provided by a suitable analytical procedure (e.g. cytotoxicity test, determination of residual aviva content) in accredited testing laboratories.