Our testing laboratories, accredited by DAkkS, offer you a variety of testing procedures. You can use these, for example, to create expert reports in cases of damage, and to have your textile products tested for skin and body compatibility. Or simply as part of a developmentcarry out for you: You receive fast and reliable results, save money, and accelerate your development process.

Our testing laboratories include the following areas:



Chemical Testing
measuring inherent viscosity

Main Focus:

Chemical and physico-chemical tests on resorbable and non-resorbable polymers and medical devices made of them.

Performance List:

  • Determination of inherent and relative viscosity of polymers
  • Determination of moisture content of, for example polymers
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
  • Determination of solvent content with Headspace-GC
  • GC-MS
  • NMR spectrometry
  • FTIR spectrometry (amongst others ATR technique and Infrared microscope)
  • UV/VIS spectrometry (e.g. testing of dye content)
  • Atomic absorption analysis (AAS)
  • Soxhlet extraction



Biological Testing / Body Compatibility
fluorescence microscopy

DITF testing laboratory biology


Technical Testing Laboratories