Barbed Suture - knotless wound closure

In the foreground is a barbed violet monofilament. The background is blurred violet.
Barbed Suture

In addition to being used as knotless sutures for wound closure, barbed sutures are used in cosmetic surgery and can be used to fix other implants.

Our unique barbed sutures, manufactured using a special and patented process, have a bi-directional barb arrangement for bilateral needling or a uni-directional design with a loop.

Our product catalogue includes barbed sutures in USP 4-0 to USP 2:

  • short-term absorbable from PGA-CL (beige and violet)
  • mid-term absorbable from PDO (violet)
  • long-term absorbable from PCL (beige and violet)

Barbed sutures made of other polymer types or multidirectional designs can be developed and manufactured upon customer request.