Implants with textile structure

knitted mesh
warp-knitted vascular prosthesis

Our implants with textile structure include warp-knitted, woven and braided medical products. In addition, we can offer nonwovens in cooperation with the DITF, for example for cartilage regeneration.


  • Our warp-knitted PP hernia meshes of the highest quality and purity can be manufactured in different area weights per unit area and porosities
  • The warp-knitted PGA meshes are used for temporary wound and organ support and as reinforcement when closing wall defects.
  • Warp-knitted PDO meshes are used for the treatment of abdomens and for breast reconstruction.
  • Vascular prostheses: Warp-knitted and woven PET vascular prosthesis blanks are available with and without bifurcation in a wide range of size
  • Resorbable tapes, woven, are suitable for adaptation of parenchymatous organs and in trochleaplasty of the knee
  • Braided stents, both absorbable and permanent, are used in the treatment of stenoses or to seal defects (cardiovascular, trachea, oesophagus)
  • Nonwovens are produced in cooperation with the DITF Denkendorf. The production of the nonwoven structures is possible with fibre diameters ranging from the µm range (1 - 20 µm) to the nm range (100 - 500 nm). The following processes are used:
    • Spunbond nonwovens
    • Melt-Blow nonwovens
    • Electrospun nonwovens
    • Centrifuge spun nonwovens

We can develop and produce other textile implants such as 3D warp-knitted meshes, self-fixing and partially resorbable hernia meshes especially for you on customer order. Three-dimensional structures are possible with all warp-knitted meshes.