Extrusion Technologies

Detail of the drawing line. The picture shows a quintet with four parallel violet monofilaments running across the godets.
monofilament extrusion

Monofilament extrusion

Monofilament extrusion and drawing is possible in both mono-component and bi-component technology. Additives can be added precisely by means of gravimetric dosing. A wide variety of polymers can be extruded and drawn in a single process step thanks to the variable structure of the drawing line and techniques for pre-crystallisation. Production takes place under ISO Class 8 cleanroom conditions.


Multifilament extrusion

We extrude POY, FOY and FDY multifilament yarns in both mono-component and bi-component technology over a wide range in fineness and strength. For mono-component yarns, production can take place under clean room conditions. Variable drawing zones including texture, twisting and interlacing technologies enable the development and production of a wide variety of yarn types.