Textile Technologies

A section of the mesh production on the warp-knitting machine is shown. In the lower area, a part of the mesh can be seen, above it the individual filaments running through needles.
Mesh production with the warp-knitting machine
A detailed view of the weaving machine can be seen. In the upper and lower area you can see 4 spools each, which wind and unwind white filaments.
Weaving machine

Our large number of textile machines in ISO class 8 clean rooms enable the development and production of implants with a textile structure.

These include:

  • Winding machines
  • Warping machines
  • Twisting machines
  • Braiding machines (e.g. for suture materials and tubular braids)
  • Various warp-knitting machines (e.g. right-left Raschel machines, double-fronted Raschel machine)
  • Various weaving machines (e.g. ribbon weaving machine for narrow textiles, Jacquard weaving machine) for the production of multi-layer fabrics and seamless tubes, also bi-, tri- or quadrifurcated seamless fabrics or woven implants are possible
  • Calender
  • Thermofixation systems
  • Washing devices
  • Coating machines